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International Trade

International Commercial Transactions
Engaging in international trade with China is full of opportunities; however it is not without risks.  Managing these risks requires assistance from skilled professionals with both local and international experience. 

Shekou Law Firm helps clients manage the business and legal risks that result from international commercial transactions with China.  Providing a comprehensive range of services, this firm answers the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise.  Our group of international lawyers are adept at all aspects of legal issues related to international trade with China.  These issues include dispute resolution, international trade agreements, tariff classification and valuation.  We have also assisted numerous international enterprises in structuring sales contracts, local distribution arrangement, franchises and establishing local subsidiaries. 

Government Policies
Whether they are implementing national policies or negotiating international agreement.  Government actions increasingly affect companies involves in the global trade of goods and services.

We have assisted many international enterprises in maximizing the benefits from CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) between Hong Kong and Mainland China in free trade areas to tariff preferences.  



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