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Shekou Law Firm provides a vast array of legal services domestically and internationally with respect to corporate issues.  As a result of this, our prominence in corporate legal work has been widely recognized both internally and externally.  This firm has a world-class team of experienced, resourceful and innovative legal professionals in China.  We offer legal services to a wide range of industries and various kinds of business entities in addition to private individuals. 

Our expansive capabilities allow us to handle complex cross-border deals, using our extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of industry-specific issues to ensure the best possible solution for our global clientele. 

Corporate Law and Business Entities
We advise transnational enterprises in forming business entities in China and defining the rights and relationships of shareholders.  We also assist such enterprises in coordinating business development strategies and planning for exit. 

Cooperate Governance and Compliance
Lawyers at Shekou Law Firm advise transnational enterprises on corporate governance and compliance in conformity with Chinese laws, regulations and policies thereby preventing the risks of administrative penalties and liabilities.  We always take into account the existing corporate structures and culture of transnational enterprises when advising on their incorporation into China. 


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