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Real Estate

Our Services
Shekou Law Firm provides counsel on the full spectrum of issues in major public and private real estate transactions, including multi-billion dollar transactions.  We represent domestic and foreign real estate investors, developers, lenders, contractors, borrowers, government entities, landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers.  We do this in transactions that involve all types of real property, including industrial and research parks, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, family residential subdivisions and housing developments, as well as undeveloped land of all description. 

We provide service to all aspects of issues relating to real estates, including development, co-investment, financing, ownership, debt offerings, acquisition, leasing and operation.  We advise our clients on sale and purchase, mortgage, leasing, land grant, tender and redevelopment work. 

Why choose Shekou Law Firm
Shekou Law Firm has been involved in some of the largest and most innovative development and investment transactions and infrastructure projects in China.  We have accumulated substantial experience on various types of real estates from commerce, offices, industries to more specialized uses. 

Shekou Law Firm's real estate clients rely with confidence on our lawyer's wealth of knowledge and capabilities in virtually every aspect of real estate activity.  Our lawyers' acumen and insight ensures the best interests of the clients. 


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