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Litigation & Arbitration


Litigation and Arbitration Services
Our clients include a wide range of domestic and international companies, government and statutory bodies, local and international insurers and publishers, property developers, local business people in China.

We represent clients in a wide array of service areas including:

 Antitrust & Competition
  Banking & Finance 
  Commercial fraud
 Construction & Engineering
 Intellectual Property 
 Product Liability & Mass Torts
 Real Estate Litigation
 Securities Litigation & Enforcement
 International trade
 Landlord and tenant
 Mortgage actions

Why choose Shekou Law Firm?
Only extraordinary strength will succeed in fast-paced complex cases.  Shekou Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in litigation and arbitration in China.  We have represented in many complicated and challenging cases, successfully sparing our clients the risks and costs of trial in thousands of cases, many of which involve large-scale, complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes.   

Shekou Law Firm has obtained one of the most esteemed litigation and arbitration practices in China, dealing with multifarious litigation, international arbitration and mediation cases.  By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a client's position, out lawyers tailor strategic and cost-effective approaches for each client.  We are able to find the best possible solution for each case bearing the interests of our clients in mind.

With our knowledge and experience, many complex issues have been resolved in a simple way.




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