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Labor and Employment


Our services include:
- Drafting and revising enterprise employment contracts.
- Drafting and revising enterprise collective bargaining agreements. 
- Drafting and revising enterprise bylaws, including payment of salaries, rest and vacation, an award and disciplinary system, performance evaluation, supplement insurance plan (annuity plan of enterprises), share option plan, confidentiality and non-competition. 

Specific labor law practice includes:
- Arranging personnel allocation and compensations in mergers and acquisitions. 
- Arranging (business process re-engineering) staff downsizing plan and scheme. 
- Arranging bankruptcy personnel allocation scheme and personnel compensations. 
- Participating in negotiations with trade unions. 
- Handling the establishment, functioning and working procedures and other matters relating to trade unions inside enterprises. 
- Representing enterprises in labor arbitration and litigation. 
- Representing enterprises in class action. 

Why choose Shekou Law Firm?
Shekou Law Firm's labor group consists of experts competent at almost every aspect of legal issues of labor.  Our clients include a diverse variety of public and private, domestic and transnational companies.  Our lawyers work together on cases or projects to bring our clients the best quality and cost-effective service possible.  We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and can-do attitude. 

We represent our clients in all types of employment litigation matters including wrongful termination, discrimination, breach of employment contract and the various tort theories that plaintiffs are currently using. 


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