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Where is Qianhai?
Qianhai is located nearby Shekou in the city of Shenzhen, a city that has one of the highest GDP figures per city in China and additionally is one of the regions that has enjoyed the most rapid economic development in the Pearl River Delta and mainland China.  Qianhai is an important development zone adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau on the shore of the South China Sea.  It covers an area of approximately 15 square kilometres.

Why invest in China and/or doing business in China via Qianhai?
Qianhai is particularly significant because it provides a lucrative platform for international companies doing business and make investment in China, and move on to the rest of Mainland China.  It also has a lot of potential for the future because Qianhai is an important part in any future strategic plan for whole China.  Another especially exciting prospect of investing in Qianhai is the potential preferential 15% profit income tax rate offered to businesses that are registered within this area. 

There are many aspects of this area that offer advantages to the investor.  The Qianhai District is divided into different areas that will serve to accommodate the interests of many different companies.  It is planned that there will be a central commercial district used for the offices and headquarters of companies, a port area for logistics and shipping management, a general industries area that will accommodate supporting business and seaside leisure area that is assigned for residential facilities.  Evidently Qianhai caters for a lot of different people and allows for varied investment in different areas. 

As Qianhai's location suggests, it is an incredibly lucrative prospect because it acts as a gateway to China by allowing the investor to access Mainland China through a business environment that due to the special economic zone is not dissimilar to the seemingly more Western-friendly Hong Kong platform but with all the additional benefits that business in China brings. 

Qianhai is destined in the schedule of government of China as the pulsating, innovative and prosperous district attracting multinationals in finance, technology, information, logistics and modern services of the already thriving South China.

Our vital services include:
    -Business registration and incorporation
    -Bank account for your business
    -Filing taxes
    -Trademark application
    -Entity dissolution

Shekou Law Firm offers services in catering for the needs of the foreign enterprises for their investment and business operation in China and their global strategies. 

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