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Law Firm News
Shekou Law Firm advises Sino-Construction LLC on its landmark project [2016-7-9 9:37:08]
Conference on the anniversary of the First Circuit Court [2016-2-17 3:22:52]
Training for Voluntary Legal Services in Shenzhen Circuit Court of the Supreme Court [2015-8-31 12:27:37]
Lawyers joined in research body of Shenzhen municipal council [2015-5-4 14:48:49]
New Anti-Corruption Guideline [2015-1-21 10:34:37]
Legal News
Lawmakers call for greater supervision, penalty after IPO reform [2016-2-17 3:38:54]
China to ease investment rules in free trade zones [2015-1-21 11:22:27]
Amending anti-graft clauses is a deterrent in time [2014-12-2 11:43:26]
Chinese lawmakers consider establishing special IPR courts [2014-8-28 14:52:32]
Political advisors brainstorm on fair judicial work [2014-5-7 10:07:36]
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